Dallas Aircraft Sales is a seasoned, professional group that specializes in the sale of business jet and turboprop aircraft. Mr. Carl Neuzil, the founder and owner, has been serving the business aviation community for over 22 years. His logbook has over 10,000 hours, including Lear Jets, Falcons, and others. He and his staff understand the needs of the airplane owner and how to address those needs when selling, buying, or leasing an airplane.

Selling your Airplane:

Dallas Aircraft Sales proactively promotes your aircraft as an individual airplane targeted at specific market groups. The tools and methods used to sell your airplane are very straight foreward.

1. DAS completes a market evaluation of your aircraft


-What is it worth and what will the market pay? What is the competition?

How many other aircraft are for sale and what makes your aircraft a better buy?

2. Identify specific markets to focus sales efforts


-Who is buying? What niche?

3. Proactively promote the features and sale of your aircraft through:

-The generation of referrals through an exsisting network of prospective and existing clients

-Telemarketing campaigns focused on the identified market niche

-A network of selected brokers nationwide

-Placement of professional advertisements promoting the features and benefits of your airplane

4. Qualify and present potential buyer

5. Negotiate the sale

6. Walk aircraft through the pre-buy inspection and CLOSE THE SALE

Detailed Specifics of the Plan-

Market evaluation and analysis:

Dallas Aircraft Sales completes a formal market evaluation of the aircraft. DAS looks at all attributes of the plane and identifies the target markets having the greatest potential to buy the airplane.

Focused sales campaigns:

-Enter the aircraft into a networking campaign through an exsisting network of prospective and existing clients and selected brokers across the country.

-Actively pursue the sale of the aircraft through telemarketing databases such as AMSTAT and Jet Net

-Generate additional exposure of the aircraft through paid advertising in professional publications


-Create an advertising campaign that lists aircraft in publications such as Controller, Executive Controller, Trade-A-Plane, ASO and others.

-Promote the aircraft on Dallas Aircraft Sales Website. This website generates no less than several calls a day inquiring about the available aircraft. A number of recent successful sales are attributed directly to this website.

Promote the Features and Benefits that attract buyers:

-Examples of features that attract buyers are lower airframe times, aft lavatory, and fresh inspections, such as 12-year, at time of purchase.

Buyer Qualification:

-Dallas Aircraft Sales will pre-qualify all potential buyers, verifying their ability to pay/finance, and their sincerity in wanting to actually buy the aircraft. Nothing is worse than insincere buyers that eat up the seller's time and money.

Negotiate the Sale/Purchase:

-All offers and considerations are qualified and presented to the seller for acceptance, counter-offer, or refusal.

Pre-buy Inspection:

-DAS walks through the pre-buy inspection with the seller, addressing all issues that may arise at the time.

Selling/Buying/Inspection Costs:

-There are a number of different costs associated with the actual sale of the airplane. The projected costs are identified and negotiated prior to tge sale of the airplane.

Dallas Aircraft Sales Policy:

-All marketing and advertising costs associated with the sale of your aircraft are paid by Dallas Aircraft Sales. Our client pays absolutely nothing up front when listing their aircraft with our company. If we do no sell your airplane, you, our client, owe nothing other than predetermined, negotiated costs.