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Brokerage Services -- Dallas Aircraft Sales Delivers Superior Results

The commission is a fraction of the Superior Results. With millions at stake, one lost deal or one bad decision literally costs thousands. You need the best information - powerful marketing - total professionalism. Our mission is simple: Maximize your return on the sale of your aircraft. We do it by delivering better decision-making data and cutting-edge marketing strategies. A track record of 18 years in business and the best network of relationships in the industry is what we bring to the table. Simply put, the value we add is Superior Results.


Dallas Aircraft Sales Delivers Superior Marketing

When you list with Dallas Aircraft Sales, you get the broadest marketing exposure in the industry:

  • Internet presentations via dallasaircraftsales.com
  • Enhanced digital photography

Most buyers are shopping for aircraft on-line. DallasAircraftSales.com is the most innovative website in the jet resale industry. DAS makes your aircraft more attractive because we make it easier to buy with more information, better pictures, immediate offer capabilities, wiring instructions and financing options. We link the availability of your aircraft in the leading magazines, websites and search engines to the full presentation of DallasAircraftSales.com.


DAS regularly contacts virtually all owners via research calls. The bottom line is that when you list with DAS, the availability and details of your aircraft are quickly and widely known in the marketplace.


Dallas Aircraft Sales Delivers Superior Seller Awareness

DAS delivers the ability to make better decisions by providing our clients with Total Market Awareness of all competing aircraft, including full specifications and photos for comparative purposes. Knowing exactly where your aircraft is trading today and what it will take to get your aircraft sold is what sets DAS apart.


Your Choice of Broker will Save You or Cost You Possibly Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

DAS is a seasoned expert in the jet re-sale industry. We maximize your time and resources while minimizing expensive hazards and enabling you to stay focused on your business. Many hazards may exist in all areas of an aircraft transaction including: cleverly crafted offers written in favor of the purchaser, demo flights that turn into cheap charters, and re-negotiations during pre-buy inspection; just to name a few.


At all times, DAS represents your best interests as we would represent ourselves. Just as you know your industry, we know ours. Day after day, DAS's focus is exclusively on knowing who is buying or selling aircraft and knowing exact sale prices. Financial institutions regularly consult with DAS for market value updates.


We Perform or There is No Cost to You

There are never any upfront advertising costs. We invest in the sale of your aircraft and we are motivated to perform. The sales commission is due only upon the successful sale of the aircraft to its new owner.


Think of DAS as Turbulence Avoidance on Your Next Sale

For most companies, selling a multi-million dollar jet aircraft is not an everyday occurrence. It's expensive and at times hazardous. One bad move or decision can literally cost thousands of dollars. Hiring experienced help doesn't cost, it pays. With every detail of your transaction, we represent your best interests and you can trust that things will be handled the right way. Clients have trusted DAS for 18 years.


Experience and Integrity Representing the Best Interests of Our Clients

Dallas Aircraft Sales is one of the most widely recognized names in the jet resale industry. Many of our competitors got their start with DAS and we maintain an excellent working relationship with them. Our relationship network is vast and our commitment to integrity is one of the unwavering foundations of our success.


Dallas Aircraft Sales LLC Brokerage Services

Dallas Aircraft Sales brokerage services include a complete marketing portfolio of services to bring aircraft buyers and sellers together. This includes advertising in industry-leading print and on-line publications.